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Model: IDXETS5358322
The Adesso Xtream G2 Stereo USB Gaming Headset with Microphone offers ergonomic comfort, practical functionalities, and stylish looks that one seeks in a gaming headset. The headset itself works directly with a simple usb connection to your PC. The headband and earcup cushion are made with breathabl..
$89.89 Ex Tax:$89.89
Model: IDXETS4500999
Wireless Technology Works up to 30 feet of wireless distance. Operates on 12 different channels, each with 65,536 different IDs. Desktop full size Full size keyboard provides better typing experience. Ergonomic Contour Design Minimizes forearm muscles from twisting and pains from Carpal Tunnel Syndr..
$183.38 Ex Tax:$183.38
Model: IDXETS5010987
Wireless Technology, Ergonomic Contour Design, Split Key Design, Integrated Palm Rest, Membrane Switch, Built-in Trackball with Optical Sensor, Built-In Scroll Wheel, Removable Trackball, Auto Sleep and Power On/Off Switch, Nano Receiver, Compact and PortableCompact and Portable - Ultimate space sav..
$142.67 Ex Tax:$142.67
Model: IDXETS1927194
Introducing the new and improved Tru-Form Pro Keyboard by Adesso. The new Tru-Form Pro Keyboard is contoured and has a split key design for added ergonomic comfort and it includes a built-in touchpad that acts as your mouse. The touchpad also includes Left and Right mouse buttons providing full curs..
$150.30 Ex Tax:$150.30
Model: IDXETS5216565
TruForm P100 mouse pad provides additional protection against desktop scratches that are often produced by mice used without a mouse pad. Our elastic fiber material provides a smooth mice tracking experience with accuracy and precision for all optical and laser mice. With the anti-slip rubber base, ..
$25.81 Ex Tax:$25.81
Model: IDXETS5157831
This Memory Foam Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest provides additional protection against desktop scratches that are often produced by mice used without a mouse pad. The ergonomic design and memory foam material helps to protect your wrist by offering comfortable support and reducing the stress and pain tha..
$39.62 Ex Tax:$39.62
Model: IDXETS5358323
The Adesso Xtream G3 Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset elevates your gaming experience to a different level with its virtual 7.1 surround sound system. The virtual 7.1 surround sound is enabled from its audio driver, where in it, there are even more different settings catering specifically f..
$112.39 Ex Tax:$112.39
Model: IDXETS5358324
The Adesso Xtream G4 Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset with Vibration takes your gaming experience to a whole new level with its built-in vibration and virtual 7.1 surround sound system. The built-in vibration system combined with the virtual 7.1 surround sound provide a different hearing se..
$134.89 Ex Tax:$134.89
Model: IDXETS3202706
The Adesso Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard 1000 is the perfect companion for your iPad and other Bluetooth enabled devices. This ultra-slim and stylish keyboard includes the new Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology that offers lower battery consumption, higher security encryption and 8x faster transmission spee..
$56.16 Ex Tax:$56.16
Model: IDXETS2060846
Allsop widescreen mouse pads are for those who find it necessary to navigate their screen without repositioning their mouse when they run into the edge of an undersized mouse pad. We're talking about graphics professionals, music producers, mechanical engineers and sleep-deprived gamers. While this ..
$27.92 Ex Tax:$27.92
Model: IDXETS2057352
Allsop Comfortbead Wrist Rest was ergonomically designed to relieve wrist strain while typing. The soft beads conform to each user specific need and shape of their keyboard. It provides maximum support and comfort...
$37.44 Ex Tax:$37.44
Model: IDXETS2730171
Allsop 30211 Wrist Rest - Black - Gel Base, Rubber..
$29.25 Ex Tax:$29.25
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