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Model: IDXETS2888427
Use this extra-loud supplemental phone ringer in noisy areas where you can't hear the phone ring, such as on shop floors or garages. Plugs into an ordinary RJ-11 jack. Features an on/off switch and simple mechanical bell construction. Pulls enough power from the phone line to provide a 65-75 dB ring..
$58.10 Ex Tax:$58.10
Model: IDXETS2894129
Mount your jacks and snap fittings in this sleek and secure wallplate...
$24.75 Ex Tax:$24.75
Model: IDXETS2888783
Black Box GigaStation2 Blank Faceplate Module - Office White..
$27.74 Ex Tax:$27.74
Model: IDXETS4205045
Economically extend VGA video, stereo audio, and serial signals over CATx...
$318.76 Ex Tax:$318.76
Model: IDXETS2889852
The Wallmount Patch Panel Bracket-4 (JPM080-R4) and the Wallmount Patch Panel Bracket-2 (JPM082-R4) can be mounted directly to the wall. JPM080-R4 holds equipment occupying up to 4 rack units (4U) of vertical space, and JPM082-R4 holds equipment up to 2U high...
$73.58 Ex Tax:$73.58
Model: IDXETS2883333
Black Box Network Surface Mounting Box - Almond - 1 x RJ-45 Port(s)..
$39.06 Ex Tax:$39.06
Model: IDXETS3298702
Safely mount a Black Box video splitter or a ServSwitch DT or EC in a 19" rack...
$42.80 Ex Tax:$42.80
Model: IDXETS4295271
Black Box Single Gang Wall Plate with VGA Connector - 1-gang - 1 x VGA Port(s)..
$42.32 Ex Tax:$42.32
Model: IDXETS2883598
Place two remote VGA displays up to 500 feet from your PC.An equalization (gain) control on the remote unit enables you to fine-tune the picture.Has a 2-kV avalanche diode, which provides greater electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and more reliable operation.Ideal for digital signage applicati..
$297.00 Ex Tax:$297.00
Model: IDXETS4295251
Feed-through, stainless wallplate for your A/V connections...
$64.78 Ex Tax:$64.78
Model: IDXETS4295252
Feed-through, stainless wallplate for your A/V connections...
$123.21 Ex Tax:$123.21
Model: IDXETS2296240
Stainless Steel Multimedia Wall Plates by Cables To Go are designed with a plastic spacer that makes the keystone jack appear flush to the face. A variety of jacks and connectors will fill the wall plate openings to meet your specific requirements of voice, data, audio, video, fiber optic, etc. The ..
$22.97 Ex Tax:$22.97
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